Welcome to our NEW Website!

Hello returning or potential client! You’ve stumbled upon our own little corner of the internet. After a turbulent beginning to the year, VVH is slowly making a comeback. We hope that our new website appeals to you and isn’t too cluttered.

General Updates:

  1. We’ve had two new hires since December. Welcome Maribel and Jenny Lin! You can read about the newest additions to VVH over here.
  2. Beginning March, owners can now login using a program called EPetHealth to view their pet’s medical records. Please check your e-mail for registration info!
  3. Tentatively, we will have a groomer on staff beginning in Summer 2017.
  4. Our kennels have a new look! Pictures coming soon.
  7. Our lobby TV now has ChromeCast, so you can listen to music or watch pet documentaries while waiting.

And I think that is a wrap on that!

Until next time,

– Yecenia

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