Out with the Old, In with the New

We’re trying our best to currently keep up with our site. At this time however we’d like to announce that for the week of July 17th through July 21st, we will be closing at 5pm. This is due to staff availability and we thank all of our client families for their patience and understanding.

In addition to that, Vista Veterinary Hospital is happy to announce that we recently acquired a dental x ray machine! Our staff is learning exactly how to take appropriate radiographs to ensure that once we begin advertising this service it will meet the quality standard that VVH sets itself to.

Other items to address in this post – again, we’ve revamped our current boarding area! We now have two a/c units for the dog’s boarding area and have new tile flooring to help maintain the cleanliness of the kennels. We also have a shaded area outside for when the dogs are taken out, complete with a section of artificial grass!

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